Residential services

Choosing a residential design and construction company to work on a new or existing home residential design is very important. After all, people say that home is where the heart is and at the end of the day, wouldn’t it be nice if you retire to a sanctuary that doesn’t only reflect your personality but also gives you the comfort and security you need? At Denham Crescent Ltd, we make sure that structure-wise, your house is a comfortable home not only with residential design and construction but also with property management services. Whether you’re building a new house for your own or for rent; or you’re revamping the one you’re living in, you can be sure that we will give you professional service; from the planning to the construction to the finished product without substandard work in between. Take your time to browse the following list of our residential services that cover things from residential building plans and building construction design to maintenance of property:

Building approval and planning permissions

Any kind of building needs a legal permission from your local council before any work can be done. The permit varies depending on this scale and type of work involved. Building a new house requires the same. A certain process is also applicable for those who want to change their homes into any type of commercial property. This can be quite confusing for most people especially if you’re not really that well-versed with the process, or if you dislike paperwork. We can coordinate between you and your local council in order to acquire from them legal permission and even a Certificate of Completion for your house.

New builds

Building a new house for yourself or your family is always exciting, which is why we would like to help you get on the right foot. Our services for new residential design and construction even include assistance for legal permission acquisition, planning approvals, home designs and plan preparation.

Renovations and refurbishments

If you’re the type of person who spends a lot of time in the kitchen or loves to relax and soak in the bathroom, you’ll be delighted to hear that part of our residential design and construction services covers renovations for kitchens and bathrooms. The experience that our professionals have acquired over the time will be of much help in making your dream kitchen or heavenly bathroom comes true.


Do you need more room? If you’re ready for an extension of your home, so are we. Don’t worry, though. You won’t have to demolish your house and build it up from scratch. We have project managers who can assist and supervise starting from the building control approvals to the planning and up to completion.


One way to maximize space is to have loft conversions. Transform your roof space into something much more practical. We also offer flat conversion services. These conversions assist in all aspects including approval acquisition, dormer roofs construction, internal layout re-arrangement and expansion, fire-retardation and insulation including sound, impact noise, thermal and fire.


Your home is not just the place you should feel relaxed and comfortable in. Among many others, safety is very important. We take these points very seriously, which is why we pay special attention when it comes to insulation services for your home. Whether it’s installing new insulations or improving existing ones, our team of professionals will make sure that your home is not only comfortable but also safe.

Window installation

Ventilation is very important. Installation of proper windows is important for your home to feel comfortable. Our building design and construction services cover all kinds of window services.

Damp proofing

Every building may have moisture-related problems and your house is no different. Our building maintenance and repair services provide solutions to existing moisture-related problems as well as measures to prevent such problems from occurring. After all, maintenance of property is something that needs to be paid attention.