Commercial services

If you are in the business industry, you definitely understand the importance of making your customers happy as soon as they step into your establishment. Trust us, we do, too. This is why our services include commercial building service and building maintenance services in order to help your business take a step or more towards success. Even if you have an existing business that needs commercial property refurbishment or if you are just starting a new one with a fresh building design, it is important to understand that there are many significant things to be considered for commercial buildings than just budget and appearance. These essential things range from ambience to the functionality and the safety of the structure. This is important not only for your customers but also for your employees. Take your time to browse the following list to see which category your business is under. Whether it’s a shopping mall, a diner, an office or a laboratory, at Denham Crescent Ltd, we make sure to provide high-quality professional services and results that not only you but also your customers and employees will enjoy.


For retail businesses, we pay special attention to the attractiveness of the shop.Attracting coustomers to your retail premises as well as makes the coustomer comfortable, secure and practical. All elements must come together properly in order for the building to give off the proper ambience both inside and out. Commercial building interior design aspects will be analyzed properly including installations, flooring, partitioning, metal work, glass work, lighting, air conditioning and even furniture.


If your business earns from leisure activities then setting the mood for your customers is very important. Allow our team of experts to come up with a design or improve your current building design. We undertake lighting, sound and electrical jobs as well as assist you in other aspects such as planning permission and building control, extensions, networks and cabling, floor addition, refurbishment, redecoration and other necessary installations.


If you’re a landlord who owns spaces for rent, you can add value to your properties by improving your current office spaces with our commercial property refurbishment services. If you’re an owner of an office, provide a good working environment for you and your employees with our building maintenance services. Proper lighting, ventilation and electrical designs are only a few important things that we can undertake with high-quality results. Our services can help improve your workplace for a much more comfortable area to work in, which could result to an increase in productivity.

Specialist uses

While some businesses may be defined in many ways than one, others prefer to have just a single definition for them. This is perhaps the case for specialist commercial buildings, which require a certain kind of environment to work in. For example, laboratories must be made of specific kinds of materials and may even require particular installations to carry out their day-to-day activities. Restaurants need a kitchen that is easy to move in and, as much as possible, non-hazardous. Art galleries need to be well-lit and well-ventilated without distracting from the pieces that it aims to showcase. Rest assured that you may trust us to take these points about your business seriously and professionally.