Agency services

At Denham Crescent Ltd, we know that there is more to buildings than constructing, using and maintaining, which is why, in line with our goal of providing a one stop company for all your building needs, we also offer property agency services. If you’re the type of person who is neither well-versed nor fond of paperwork, allow us to offer you various agency services that range from appraisal of property value to legal property services.

Why would you need documents for anything? What for? There are many different cases requiring different documents depending on the scope. These documents are concerned not only with you, the structure and legal groups but also include the participation of one or more third parties like in the case of having a tenant or a buyer of your property. Our legal property services can help you with any legal documentation or processes that will be necessary for your property.

Figuring out how much your property is worth isn’t as simple as just adding up how much you spent for the property or comparing it with another similar property. For such cases, we can conduct an appraisal for one or more of your properties in case you plan to sell them, have them rented or if you need them for other records or means.

When selling your property, the price isn’t everything. You have to accomplish and present proper documents not only to legal groups but also to any prospective buyer. Letting or renting your property also requires necessary government processes and documents that vary per situation. Our property agency services can help you with due processes with regards to selling or renting out your property.

For those who already have buildings, houses or rooms that are private property and aren’t really doing anything with it, why not turn it into something that generates income by putting it up for rental? This way, you earn money without losing your property. However, you can’t just put a “For Rent” sign in front of your house. There are several documents that have to be processed and you must know several important points for you as a landlord and your future tenant as well.

Structures like buildings for properties are things that need special treatment. They are subject to deadlines, extensions, renewals and the like. It is important that you know how much your property exactly is and why it amounts to such. Also, having all the proper documents and certificates will help prevent any future rifts or problems between you and your tenant or you and the local government. Several of these documents must be renewed or extended depending on the situation. Our professional team will be glad to offer their legal property services. Please take a look at the following list of services and feel free to contact us to inquire about any of the following:

  • Sales and letting
  • Lease extensions and enfranchisement
  • Property valuation
  • Rent review
  • Commercial lease renewal
  • Facilities management
  • Planning permissions
  • Property legal advice
  • Energy performance certificate
  • Gas safety certificates
  • Electrical certificates