About us

Whatever the purpose, wherever the location, whether it’s a house or a skyscraper,as long as it’s a structure with walls and a roof, it’s a building. And it’s definitely going to need property maintenance and more. For an array of high-quality building and maintenance services from certified and dedicated professionals in London, Denham Crescent Ltd has its all under one roof.

Structures such as homes and offices aren’t things that can be approached with a hit-and-miss strategy and we understand that you would require everything to be exactly as you want and need it to be. This is why at Denham Crescent Ltd, one of our main goals is to provide our clients the one stop they need for every property development service and perform in first-rate quality without any unnecessary hassle and stress.

The assistance and services we provide range from the planning permissions to the building itself and even include property maintenance, refurbishments or renovations. Are you buying to let? Are you buying to sell? Are you renovating to improve business? Or are you simply itching for a revamp that suits your taste and style? visit us and discus to one of our project managers for the best solution for you. We cover services for both residential and commercial. Are you planning on a new build? We may assist you with the design and build plans as well as building control and acquiring planning permissions from the local council. Are you planning on and needing some changes to existing structures? We do renovations (home renovations, toilet, bath etc.), conversions and extensions (loft conversions, home extensions etc.), refurbishments (plumbing, electrical plastering, brick work, air conditioning etc.) and other property development and maintenance services. Our commercial services also include but are not limited to commercial retail, commercial leisure and commercial offices.

Whether you know so much or so little about building and maintenance services, we will make sure that we will do the best that we can to help you with your building requirements and needs. Discuss what services you need and want with our team and allow us to come up with the best possible advice or solution that will fit your requirements and purposes. From our electricians and plumbers to our office staff and project managers, everyone is proficient and well-versed with whatever field they are expected to work on so you won’t have to worry about substandard results. Our services are so satisfactory and high-standard that we even have other clients who come through referrals from satisfied customers.

Denham Crescent Ltd is based at SW19 Wimbledon. We provide free estimates and quotes of proposed work so feel free to contact us via phone, e-mail or the website form and expect professional service from the moment you speak to or receive a response from any of our dedicated and dynamic team of experts. Improve living or working conditions. Perk up the business. Increase the value of your property. Add a touch of your personal style and flair. Contact us and find out and receive professional and creative service that you want, need and deserve.